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Group Surf Lessons and Surf Camp are offered in Brigantine, New Jersey on 42nd street beach.  We offer group lessons at 10:00 AM and 1PM (additional time slots available for private parties, groups, etc) , Surf Camp this year is a day by day basis. Contact us to book multiple lessons at a custom time with discounted rates!


Group Surf Lessons: Our experienced Mucho Aloha Surf Instructors will meet you on the 42st beach. -You can easily find us by looking for our "Classic Wagoneer" pickup by the water. The walk to the truck can be notoriously long, especially on hot days, so bring water and take some breaks if you need to. -Your lesson will start at the truck where you'll put on your wetsuit and stretch before practicing the basics. - Safety is our top concern so we will cover how to paddle out safely, avoid rip currents, and falling away from the board.  No matter your surf level or ability, this one is for you. And of course, we'll add in our Mucho Aloha stoke!

Sessions at 10am and 1pm
Surf Group Lesson cost per Person:



Special Needs Surf Lessons: are offered in Brigantine, New Jersey on Harbor Beach. We will customized this experienced based your your needs. Our qualified staff will work with you directly to customize this beach / water / surf experience. Let us know what you need in a message or book now! 


Private & Semi-Private Lessons are offered in Brigantine, New Jersey on 42nd Street. We will work with your schedule and number of participants.
Our experienced surf instructors can help you achieve your dream surfing scenario. Want to schedule a lesson but only on a really calm day? Easy Peasy. Have a comp coming up you want to get tuned up for? We're your perfect match. Looking to take the next step and try some shorter boards? Our crew will get you dialed in. 

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